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Fluffy Neko's by Lady-of-Mud

Razor Critique #008
Date: 1/17/2013

Hiz Chelsea-chan. Has been a while. >.< RL has finally started to simmer down but I fear it will flare up again Jan 23th when gram has her test done...

Ok, let me see here my lil Neko. *pets Chelsea* So, it's a B-day gift for ICmyaieye? Well, Happy Birthday ICmyaieye. :la::iconcake3dplz: *ahem* Looks like you two are having some 'fun' in that vat. xD Let's just hope no cat hair get's stuck in it. I see your skills have been improving. =) My question is HOW DO YOU DRAW SO FAST IT TAKES FOREVER W/ ME!! >.<; (Maybe it's because I'm a perfectionist -.-)

Vision is 4/5 since it came out nice and is a B-day gift. =)
Originality is 3/5 since this scene was done before w/ the same angle but w/ a less filled vat. Maybe if the cam was lowered, looking up at both of you, ooh that would be hot. :XD:
Technique 4.5/5 since your artwork skills have improved. Proud of you hun. :meow:
Impact: 4/5 since, well, look at you two. =p Nuff said.

Overall, it's good, 4/5. =3 Now my questions are...

1. How are you two gonna get out?
2. May I lick the fluff off you two? xD

Cheers my friend, I hope 2013 is treating you well. Keep on drawing and don't forget your friends. =)
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Lady-of-Mud Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
To be honest while I am delighted that you wanted to leave me a critique, you've really left me more of a long comment in the end. I was hoping for a bit more detail on what I could improve on and at the same time what I did well on conveying. ^^

Also it's best that you know that Sammantha here is happily married, so you may want to watch what you ask... ^^;
RazorVolare Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Umm, well, heh, oops on both parts??? ^^; Sorry about that, I didn't want to be too picky. >.< Oh well, let it cont. here. As for your friend, sorry, I don't mean harm, I'm just playing around. ^^; (There's that part of my profile I mentioned before of making people avoid me w/o meaning to... -.-)

As I stated before view/cam angles. You know, different perspectives? I saw this pic using this vat was drawn before so it kinda feels like a rerun to me, 'cept w/ you and your friend. Hence why I gave originality a lower score then norm. What I'm suggesting is drawing it at a different perspective. Example, say you were the 'Viewer' (in 1st person, of course) and you were in the vat as well but sunk deeper and looking up alil. This way it feels abit fresher.

Another thing I could say is maybe adding alil more, umm, movement? IDK? ^^; i.e Leg lifting and pulling, stretching, wiggling? Doesn't look like your struggling so much or trying to get deeper. x.x Also, maybe some x-ray vision on what's going on under the fluff with your legs, IDK, just something I happen to like to see and show how your floating. Also, this is a sticky vat filled with fluff, maybe the walls and edge could have some fluff sticking to the side, dripping back into the vat.

As I said before, your drawing skills tho have improved in how you draw your characters. Makes me happy as you really have come a long way in drawing. Coloring is still good as always but light shine, in this pic, seems lacking? Not sure how to word that. ^^; You know, that reflective shine you get when you beam light down on stuff? That's all I can think of atm but overall, it's a very nice drawing, I mean it.
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