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Which new weapons of the Team Fortress 2; Love & War Update do you 'like most'? 

1 deviant said Soldier & Demoman's B.A.S.E. Jumper (New Backpack)
1 deviant said Heavy's Bread Bite (Gloves Of Running Urgently Reskin)
No deviants said Scout's Back Scatter (New Scattergun)
No deviants said Scout's Mutated Milk (Mad Milk Reskin)
No deviants said Soldier's Air Strike (New Rocket Launcher)
No deviants said Demoman's Tide Turner (New Sheild)
No deviants said Sniper's Classic (New Sniper Rifle)
No deviants said Sniper's Self-Aware Beauty Mark (Jarate Reskin)
No deviants said Spy's Snack Attack (Sapper Reskin)


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:bulletblue: My name is Razor Volare. I'm 25 years old, a gamer, and very minor artist. I absolutely love videogames and I sure can play them. There have been better tho in the gaming department however. My heart is in the right place but has been shattered several times by love, loss, and my own stupidity. Just when feels like my heart will mend, it's broken further by another tragic event. Whether it be by the death of a love one, being treated poorly, or me upsetting someone for being a baka. Sadness always seems to follows me. I'm not trying to guilt trip anyone who reads this but this is the sad truth. I've accepted my fate and will continue as long as I can until the day I die.

:bulletred: You know how most kids went outside to play, watched Power Rangers, TMNT, and all those other shows that were popular? Not me. I was a gamer, playing games like Super Mario World and Sonic 3 & Knuckles, locked up in my room as kids I tried to be friends just made fun of me and bulled me. You were ether a Nintendo Fan or a SEGA Fan back then. I was both, wanting peace between the Plumber and the Hedgehog and was made fun of for it. That peace did come tho, who's laughing now? I love to Beta Test but be prepared to deal with a hardcore one. If a game is being made, I'm gonna make sure it's made right whether you like it or not.

:bulletyellow: You may find Quicksand, Man-Eatting Plant, Sticky Glue, Shibari, Gameplay Pictures, Skylanders, and alot of Misc. nonsense here. If any of this upsets you, I'm sorry but that's what I like.

:bulletblack: In 2013, a year I shall call "The Year of Nightmares", I lost someone very dear to me. That person was my grandma. She was the last of my grandparents and I loved her very much. She was always there for me since I was young. She could be annoying and sometimes would rage for no reason but that wasn't her fault, it was what she had gotten that caused it. It's been a year since her death and I am still adjusting to life without her. My only hope is that she's in a better place and her soul is at peace.

:bulletgreen: It's 2014, a year of new beginnings. I'm not sure what to expect. I have had debates if I should leave deviantART since there's not much left for me to do here. I have about 9 months to decide upon it so I'm not going anywhere soon. Maybe something will happen before then so lets see what happens.
     Ok, it's no surprise but there are a ton of weapon in TF2, however, I find some weapons ether underused, overused, and abused alot. When VALVe makes a nerf or buff adjustment, it's usually cause of these reasons but sometimes they forget how much is needed and just change one thing and call it a month. I have a few ideas that have been rolling and rattling around my head so I'm gonna throw around a few ideas and hopefully one day they could happen.

+20% bonus healing while deployed. *BUG FIX, ADJUSTMENTS*
Increase in push force taken from damage and airblast

Yes there is a bug fixes needed. To quote from the wiki.
- The Shortstop does not increase healing from Medics, Dispensers, and the Payload Cart.
- The Shortstop, although not a Pistol, will still allow you to get the "Gun Down" achievement.

In addition to that, it should also affect Mad Milk/Concheror health restore as well.


+15% damage bonus
+25% greater jump height when active
-50% clip size *BUFF*

6 shots instead of 5. That's it. Simple no?


Grants Triple Jump: The third jump deals 10 (Melee) damage when used *ADJUST*
15% slower firing speed *BUFF*
-20% damage vs players

Yea that 30% slower firing speed is dumb, is it really that heavy to swing? I say reduce to 15%, least it will then make sence of having a Pro Killstreak on it. Also, about that Triple Jump. I don't have any issues with it but the damage you take from it is currently BULLET DAMAGE. There's a bit of an exploit when paired up with a Medic with The Vaccinator. Since it's Bullet Damage, the Vaccinator could reduce the damage of the Triple Jump but also HEAL THE MEDIC WITH EACH TRIPLE JUMP MADE. Dead fucking serious. Changing it to be Melee, which the Vaccinator can't reduce damage for, will fix this oversight.

Rocket Jumper

+25% max primary ammo on wearer *NERF*
No self inflicted blast damage taken
Blast damage on foes causes knockback *BUFF*
-100% damage penalty
No random critical hits
Wearer cannot carry the intelligence briefcase

"Weaponize the Rocket Jumper? ARE YOU MAD?" Yes. Yes I am. You know how you can pop people up in the air with all normal rocket launchers? Keep that a function of the Rocket Jumper. I still see Plebs shooting people with this "weapon" from time to time so might as well add it and make it say -0 damage with each hit. Added note: Fix deflected rockets from Pyros from dealing damage.

Liberty Launcher
+40% projectile speed
-25% blast damage from rocket jumps
-15% damage penalty *BUFF*

Yea, miss it's usefulness. Reason why it got the -25% was to demoralize people from using it and the -25% blast damage from rocket jumps to re-promote it. It really needs that power adjustment, it doesn't have to be OP like it was before it nerf ya know.

Air Strike
Increases attack speed while blast jumping
Clip size increased on kill
-20% damage penalty *BUFF*
-25% clip size
-15% explosion radius

Just a minor adjustment to prevent foes from living all the time. May I show an example? Starts at 0:15, Ends at 0:37.

That was a full clip, 8 Rockets is the max you can have, not one kill from that. More damage is needed, just alil.

B.A.S.E. Jumper
Press 'JUMP' key in the air to deploy. Deployed Parachutes slow your descent.
Requires 2.3 Seconds in mid-air to deploy *NERF*
Can only be deployed once per jump *NERF*
Burns away if lit on fire while deployed *NERF*

Oh my precious B.A.S.E. Jumper, I'm going to fix you~ I encountered an issue with my favorite secondary of Soldier and that's when the B.A.S.E. Jumper is paired up with the Rocket Jumper and Market Gardener in a low ceiling environment. My team got spawn-trapped by a sole Trollger since he could always get crits, that's 195 Melee Damage with each swing while he's in rocket jump status. This nerf will prevent this from happening anymore, hopefully. Also, add Scout's Double Jump rule with it, only once per jump it can be deployed, and make it burn away when lit on fire so you can't stay in the air forever and abuse the rocket jump status.

Pain Train
On Hit: Bleed for 6 seconds *BUFF*
-50% damage penalty *NERF*
+1 capture rate on wearer

10% bullet damage vulnerability on wearer

Who uses this, at all, as a weapon? It's absolutely useless outside of any mode that requires capturing or pushing Payload Carts. Least this will fix that issue.

/Postal Pummeler
100% critical hits burning players from behind.
Mini-crits burning players from the front. *NEW*
-50% damage vs non-burning players
30%-40% slower firing speed *NERF*
No random critical hits

Yea, This PoS really needs that big of a nerf. All people do as Pyro now is Swap-Chop. That's where they Puff a person on fire, then Axe them with this. Even with the Mini-crit nerf, it's still an annoyance like no tomorrow. Heavy would have stop this dead cold, sadily his Miniguns nerf make this impossible. I say putting a swing speed nerf would make Pyros think twice to swing or not. High-Risk, High-Reward. None of this Low-Risk, High Reward anymore.

Ali Baba's Wee Booties
+0 max health on wearer
+0% increase in turning control while charging
-60% blast damage from sticky jumps

Yes, a Gunboats Upgrade on the Ali Baba's Wee Booties, but only on Ali Baba's Wee Booties. The Boots look like Gunboats already so why not? Both boots do feel kinda super-ceded since the Tide Turner was introduced so it's time to breath new life into one but still keep the original stats on the other should people want to still use the boots with health and charge features with other shields. Also we finally get to experance what life would have been like if Demoman won the WAR! Update.

Destroys Projectiles *BUFF*
Mini-crits airborne targets *BUFF*
On Hit: 100% chance to slow target

+50% max primary ammo on wearer
-25% damage penalty
30% slower spin up time

Let's turn Natascha into a AA Gun. She's been needing a better buff since Tomislav was born and now that Heavy's Miniguns take time to deal full damage, this will help. Beware flying foes, if Heavy can't fly, NO ONE CAN. Rockets and Pipes can't save you ether, no one gets the drop on Heavy anymore.

Family Business
On Kill: +75 health restored on kill *BUFF?*
+0% clip size
20% more accurate *BUFF*
-15% damage penalty

"Now this gun-- this is an amazing gun. Simply pull the trigger and turn anything in your way into pink mist." — Family Business publicity blurb
FUCKING BS. Let's make this real shall we? That Stock on the back, that's not for show anymore, add 20% more accuracy with it. Also, health on kill.

Fists of Steel
-50% damage from ranged sources from front while active *ADJUSTMENT*
20% longer weapon switch
+35% damage from melee sources while active *ADJUSTMENT*

More resistance but only from frontal damage. Damage from behind will still be full damage. Also more reason to use Third Degree on a Heavy-Medic combo.

Eviction Notice
On Hit: Bleed for 5 Seconds *BUFF*
+50% faster firing speed

-50% damage penalty *BUFF*

Yea, you may have saw this coming. This is one of the few worst weapons of TF2 right here. What a dumb weapon, it can't dish out the pain fast enough to match normal fists weapons. Let's fix the damage output and since they rip skin with the pointy barbs, lets add a 5 second bleed.

On Hit: +15 Health *ADJUSTMENT*
On Death: Up to 0% of your stored ÜberCharge is retained
-0 max health on wearer
20% slower firing speed *ADJUSTMENT*
-2 health drained per second on wearer *ADJUSTMENT*

Yet another useless weapon of TF2. Seriously, who uses this? Since it was sorta based on a Little Sisters ADAM Collector, why not steal HP?

Dead Ringer
Cloak Type: Feign Death
+60% cloak regen rate *NERF*
+60% cloak drain rate

90% damage reduction to the initial activating hit but not to all subsequent incoming damage *NERF*
Damage taken while cloaked doesn't drain cloak *NERF*
While Cloaked: 20% damage vulnerability from all sources *NERF*

I don't need to explain this one.

That's all I can think at this time of other then damage nerfs to Sticky Launchers before they hit the ground and Engi's Mini-Sentry being a bitch and should be tweaked. I finish with something for all you to think of. What weapon would you "realistically" change in TF2 to be more useful but not overpowered.


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